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Flame Con

The Grand Prospect Hall

263 Prospect Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Event Description


What's Flame Con About?

The LGBTQ community is separated into different groups that all too often don’t mix or learn from each other’s experiences: gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, cisgender and trans people, aces and bears… But comic cons are all about mixing! People of every size, gender identity and expression, age, color and type come to comic conventions to get geeky, expressing what makes each of us different, special, and awesome. A queer comic con is a great way to bring us all together under one roof. We'll learn about ourselves as a community, and explore topics that haven't already been paneled to death at other cons. We want to end the con having brought queer people from different parts of the rainbow closer. 

Geeking Out

Cons are about meeting people face to face. You get to revel in each others' creativity and open spirit. you connect. You realize that you're not alone in what you love. Or who you love - really, there are a lot of similarities between being a geek and being queer. Weird, niche interests don't have to be isolating, and meeting others who are into what you're into makes your passions that much more fun! Come out! You'll find that you're part of something that doesn't just begin and end with the con! 

Showcasing Cool Queer Stuff

We love pop culture, and there's a lot happening now in comics, TV and movies that seems to be catering to non-straight tastes. From Orphan Black to Dragon Age to Arrow to Gone Home, there are queer characters and call-outs...subplots and inclusive themes. Sweaty workouts. Girls kissing. Gay gaming options. The entire world of fanfic... Still, enjoyable stories and ideas that are explicitly queer are rare, and often controversial. We've been enjoying queer winks and nods since the dawn of literature. We want to enjoy stories that don't rely on subtext and innuendo to create believable, honest portrayals of LGBTQ experiences. So, let's have a con that just puts it out there! You won't have to scan the floor for a rainbow flag just to find a queer-friendly artist. You won't have to sift through tables and tables of comics just to find a story with two boys or two girls kissing. Think of it: All the amazing queer art you always hope you can find at a big con, ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Map of Event Location
Saturday, June 13th, 201512:00 pm – 11:55 pm